Writing website content isn’t as easy as people often say it is. Sure, you can just pile on a bunch of keywords and write something that kind of makes sense and draws in the audience, but having a way with words can really uplift your content and make it more appealing to people. But is it possible to turn existing boring copy on your website into something more fun that can attract leads? It sure is, and here’s how you can do it.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/2H-R-INJ3ts (CC0)

Headlines are important, so make good use of them

Headlines are usually the very first thing that you see when you skim through an article. As such, you should be spending a lot of time thinking up the right words to use in your headlines. This can mean separating your content so that the headlines make sense, but it could also involve picking keywords to use in your headlines so that they’re easier to display on a search engine. Headlines are an important part of your content and you should be putting a lot of time into perfecting them.

Arrange your content with an inverted pyramid

One of the most popular ways to grab the reader's attention is to start using an inverted pyramid for your content. This essentially means having the most powerful and attention-grabbing points at the beginning of a piece and then slowly introducing more and more details and technical elements. The idea here is to get the audience’s attention with something unique or interesting, and then you can gradually feed them more useful information to help seal the deal and convince them to take action.

Write content that even children can read

It’s common to write content that uses lots of big words and technical jargon, especially if you know that your audience will understand it. However, any website SEO expert will tell you that good website copy is copy that can be read by a child. If you start overcomplicating things then it’s only going to reduce the size of the audience that can read and understand your content fully. If you have to explain something with big words, then try to find some kind of alternative that still respects what you’re trying to explain to somebody. In short, the easier your content is to read, the more appealing it’ll be to your audience.

Transform your content by adding a narrative

One way to make boring content more interesting is to turn it into a story by adding some kind of narrative. Stories are much easier to follow and they can convince your readers to put a little bit of investment into the services and products that you offer. Even if you don’t think there’s an interesting story to tell, making up a narrative that tells truths about your products and services can also work. However, the more interesting and unique the story is, the more likely it’ll be shared and linked back to your business in the future.