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Mark Anastasi

“Hi there. It’s Mark Anastasi here from the beautiful Island of Cyprus. I just wanted to give you a quick update. As you know I basically invested a new course about 8 months ago, your course about Webinars. And in our first webinar just a few months ago, we pulled in $200,000 in sales. In fact that webinar still brings in about $7,000-$8,000 a month in recurring commissions. So thank you very much for that.”

Ted Bain

“Hi I’m Ted Bain from ESP Marketing and promotions. Using Steven’s strategy on how to arrange a joint partnership I was able to host my first webinar with the well-known identity and property renovations who presented the content, supply the PowerPoint presentation and have a website creations to check the sales that came directly from those who attended the webinar. We turnover nearly $35,000 worth of sales and that’s what anyone can achieve by following the webinar magic course of Steven Essa.”

Lucy Johnson

“I have been trying to make money on the internet for the last 6 months. I’ve tried lots and lots of different programs; article marketing, video marketing, everything going. And I’ve spent over £10,000 on coaching programs, personal coaching programs and even paying on the people money to try and get things to work for me. And absolutely nothing that works up to this point. And then in the end of October 2009 I went to Steven Essa at the World Internet Summit and I have invested in his webinar coaching program. Within just 3 weeks of doing that so I wasn’t even halfway through the program yet. I did my first webinar and in just one hour I manage to generate over £17,000 so everything changed. Then within just another couple of weeks after that I generated another £9,500 with another one hour webinar. His stuff really works. If you’ve tried everything because believe me, I did. Trust me. This one will work. Do whatever you need to do to get the money together to get on his program as fast as you can. And trust me everything is going to change for you.”

David Lee

“Hi my name is David Lee. I live in London. A few weeks ago, Steven Essa came in town and I joined his X 10 Effect program. I said, “Steven I ain’t got time to waste. I’m going to implement whatever you’re doing because I need to run some webinars as soon as possible. We’ve pre-ended the program I run a first webinar. This is a week before Christmas. I was promoting an event. It was 3 months away and people said, “You’ll not be able to do any sales”. Steven helped me with the presentation specially the close on how to get sales where it’s vital right at the end. And also he showed me how to run using the webinar platform. I was totally new to this. I didn’t understand it but we’ve got it running, thanks to Steven. More importantly I was able to get £4,200 in sales as a result of that webinar. I’m so delighted because that was my first attempt and I’ll be doing many more of this webinars in the next year. I got my return on investment but one thing I’d like to point out is I like to work with people that think outside the box and Steven is definitely one of those people. I got results and I just implemented what Steven said. I still got all of the program to go. If you’re looking for somebody that is outside the box that just getting results. If that’s what you’re wanting, I’ve got the results. Go to Steven Essa.”

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