As a business, the threat of cybercrime is ever-present. It’s a problem for many companies and individuals alike as cybercrime continues to grow in frequency. It’s something that cannot be ignored, especially as the fallout can be damaging for any business regardless of its size.

With four in ten businesses reporting experience of cyber security breaches or attacks in the last twelve months, preventions need to be made. With that said, here’s how a business can protect itself from cybercrime this year.

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Do the research and stay updated

There’s a lot of knowledge out there when it comes to cybercrime and the latest in trends when it comes to methods from the hackers and cybercriminals themselves. Do the research to find out exactly what’s out there and what to look for when it comes to protecting oneself from the dangers online.

As a business, being aware of what’s trending or what methods are being used by cybercriminals to catch out their next victims, is worth doing to help prevent it from happening.

Educate employees

Employees need education on cybersecurity, especially with them being responsible for the business personally. If they don’t know what to look out for or how to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of a cyber attack, then it’s more likely going to happen to them.

A cyber security course is a worthwhile option for employees to take in order to become fully clued up with what to look for and how to prevent themselves from falling for a scam or hacker. Regular training is important because cybercriminals are becoming more effective in their methods of hacking and scamming individuals.

You can also work with firms and consultants who specialise in cybersecurity and even hire an expert through an executive search programme to bring more knowledge into your business and ensure it is better protected from cybercrime.

Purge any unnecessary data

When it comes to data, any amount of data held that’s personal to the business or confidential to clients and customers poses a risk. The more data a company has, the more risk is attached to it in relation to potential cyberattacks.

In this day and age, while data is king, it’s important to try and purge any unnecessary data that is no longer needed. This may include information on customers that no longer have an interest in the business itself.

Backup and encrypt

To help secure data and confidential information, make sure that the company servers are being backed up and that any information is heavily encrypted. By doing both, it’s going to help keep this information as secure as possible, should it fall into the wrong hands.

It’s particularly useful to back up data because some cyber attacks can involve the destruction of data. With regular backups happening, it means that all of the information can still be salvaged should the current data be compromised in some way.

Be wary about access rights

With any employee, it’s important to recognise whether or not it’s necessary for them to have full access rights to data. Try to limit who has access to what and keep certain files limited to only those who need to see them.

A business can protect itself properly with the right tips and guidance on cybersecurity, so get educated.