"The Proven Webinar" video training for you!

Need more help creating your million-dollar webinar presentation?

I can walk you through the steps I take to create a webinar that SELLS and show you exactly how to fill out the webinar template.

I have something that I think you will love!

You requested our Webinar Template because you want to stop wasting your time with webinars that don’t convert.

But let me ask you a question...

Now that you have a fill-in-the-blanks webinar template responsible for millions of dollars in sales…

Would you like me to walk you through the steps I take to create a webinar that SELLS and show you exactly how to fill out this template?

If your answer is YES...

Then I have something special for you!

As you might know, I have a bestselling program called Webinar Accelerator that helps people create online businesses FROM SCRATCH using the power of webinars - even if they don’t have a product to sell yet. This program is valued at $2,997.

But today, I am making one of the modules of Webinar Accelerator available to you…


This module is a 3-part video training that will help you:

  • Create the perfect webinar intro
  • NOT bore your attendees to death with your content
  • Nail the close and get those sales!

Here's What's Inside

Part 1

Creating Your Webinar Intro

Part 2

Creating Your Webinar Content

Part 3

Creating Your Webinar Close

You will find this valuable especially if you don’t know how to:

  • Structure your webinars
  • Introduce yourself as a credible expert
  • Set up the importance of the webinar
  • Get people to stay until the end
  • Teach people without over-teaching (the biggest killer of sales)
  • Run a webinar
  • Transition from teaching to making your pitch (or if you are afraid of selling!)

I am so confident in what I offer that I guarantee this - after this training you will be able to put together highly effective webinars...

Or I will refund you your money, no questions asked.

Simply let me know within 14 days and you’ll have your money back.

And as a bonus, you'll also receive 2 downloadable PDFs absolutely free:

  1. 1
    Webinar Checklist - to ensure that you have created a webinar that will SELL
  2. 2
    100 Webinar Titles Guide - to make naming your webinar as easy as 1-2-3!

Plus, you will also get access to my special 2-hour masterclass on "How To Launch (Or Grow) Your Business In The Next 7 Days Using A PROVEN Webinar System!"

All this value - for only $7

Now that you can take advantage of this offer, don't miss your chance to create highly converting webinars faster and easier than ever before.

Shane Price (Melbourne, Australia)

$21,425 in 90 minutes

“Ran the webinar today and made $21,425 in 90 minutes. This helped us put something together that’s going to benefit our business and our customers”

Jonathan Curd (United Kingdom)

£450,000 from 2 automated webinars

“This has transformed my aviation company and the sales, and it’s generated £450,000 in revenue, so I’m extremely pleased”

Annette Densham (Brisbane, Australia)

$3,976 in 90 minutes

“Within the last 48 hours I’ve gone from nothing, to running my own webinar live to people online, and making almost $4,000 which is absolutely mind blowing”

Sandy Forster (Mooloolaba, Australia)

$6,237 in 60 minutes

“I followed the X10 Effect webinar system and generated $6,237 in just 60 minutes. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to do webinars”

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