At X10Effect, we know how, when automated and leveraged to their potential, webinars can:

In the harnessing that potential, by bringing to the the market ‘Webinator', we have become
an internationally recognized authority in streamlining the webinar automation and webinar
reply process.

When our Director, Steven Essa, first began using webinars to turbo-charge his businesses and charity fundraising efforts, he found that the replay software alre-ady available was complicated to use – and the user needed a considerable amount of technical knowledge to ensure that it ran seamlessly.

He also identified a big gap in these services: they didn’t provide accurate conversion statistics – and he knew that these stats can make or break an online business.

The initial impetus for the creation of Webinator was to make it easy for the members of our exclusive coaching program to record, edit, store and replay webi-nars in a way that enabled them to manage how and when they were viewed by prospects, clients and customers.

We have only recently offered Webinator for sale as a stand-alone product, to those outside of our membership. In so doing, we have ensured that the average non-technical person will be able to create and automate webinars. Webinator runs online, so users don’t have the concern of installing it on their computers, or
downloading regular updates.

Webinator is a priceless addition to your internet marketing suite of tools. Full details at Webinator.biz