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Hey, let me ask you something... Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You see everyone starting successful businesses online and want to start one yourself... but you feel stuck and feel like everything has been done already
  • You already have a business but you feel more like you have a job and have to work like crazy just to keep it going
  • You want to scale and automate your sales process so you don’t have to chase every single client or customer
  • You want nothing more than to get off the hamster wheel and make your business work for you, instead of your being a slave to your business
  • You want to increase the revenue you generate online so you have more resources and more time to focus on the things you love

If any of the above points made you go “How did you read my mind?!”...

Then I think you’ll love my new guide!

It’s called “The Ultimate Playbook To Launch (Or Grow) Your Business In 2021”, and it’ll show you EXACTLY how we and 3,944* of our students have set up successful online businesses using our system!

* Number of students in our private membership website that have used this system as of October 2020. That number doesn't include another few hundred students (and counting!) from our one-on-one Fast Launch Formula coaching program.

Here's what's inside the 2021 Playbook

  • Why webinars are KEY to creating a scalable business
  • How to choose a profitable niche and create a customer avatar
  • How to build and run successful webinars - even if you've never run a webinar
  • How to overcome fear of selling and establish your credibility
  • How to get traffic to your webinar (free and paid ways!)
  • Why you DON’T need to have products before you run a webinar
  • Why automation is THE thing for massive growth with webinars
  • How to use email marketing to double (or even triple!) your conversion rates - even if people didn’t buy after your first webinar
  • And much more!


What kind of digital product will the 2021 Playbook work for?

While the system we describe can be applied to any online business,  The Ultimate Playbook To Launch (Or Grow) Your Business In 2021 was created specifically for these types of digital products:

  • An online course
  • A flagship program
  • A coaching service
  • A membership site

It also works if you have a SAAS or service business.

But what if I don’t have my course/site created yet?

This 2021 Playbook will be helpful to you even if you haven't built this yet. 

We often see people spending months and even years creating their program or course, only to realise the market is not willing to pay for it!

It's often better to sell the program FIRST and build it live, instead of wasting precious time on something nobody wants!

I don’t even have an idea of what to sell or I am not an expert in anything?

If you aren't an expert, you can partner with somebody who is and set up a JV (joint venture). There are plenty of experts who have valuable information but don’t know how to sell it. That’s where you come in! The 2021 Playbook will show exactly how to set up your sales process so you can set up a profitable business while partnering with an expert.

Why should I use webinars to sell my course / program / membership site?

Webinars are great because it means that you don’t have to constantly be talking to people and you can generate sales for your business almost on autopilot.

The 2021 Playbook reveals how we use live or pre-recorded webinars and ensure we focus on the highest converting webinar for the best results.

Get The Ultimate Playbook To Launch (Or Grow) Your Business In 2021 now!

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(Please note - these results aren't typical) 

Rodney Holder from Brisbane – Generates Over $50,000 Selling High-End Information Products And Services In The Music Industry.

Annette Densham from Brisbane – Generated Over $3,900 In Her First Ever Webinar Live Onstage Without A Product, Without A Website, And Without A Mailing List… Starting With An Idea.

Paul Teague from London – Generated Over $105,000 in 90 Minutes While On Holidays In Spain, Using The Medical Centre Partnership Model.

Dan Kurtz from the USA – In 55 Minutes Generated $7,970 Recurring Monthly Income On His First Ever Webinar.

Erland Bakke (Best Selling Author from Norway) – Generated $8,000 In 90 Minutes On His First Ever Webinar, Speaking About Outsourcing.

Jonathan Curd from London – Generated £450,000 From His Automated Webinar In 6 Months.

Dan Mac from Sydney – Generated $24,000 In Sales In Just 90 Minutes.

Jo Barnes from Melbourne – Developed Instant Authority In Her Marketplace And Generated 7-Figures Thanks to Webinars.

Lucy Johnson from the UK – Generated £17,000 In Just One Hour, Then Nine Days Later Did Another £9,500 From Another 1-Hour Webinar As Well.

Julie Nitschke from Adelaide – A Bookkeeper Who Generated $4,500 In Her First Two Webinars For Her Bookkeeping Business.

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Get The Ultimate Playbook To Launch (Or Grow) Your Business In 2021 now!

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