LIVE Online Crypto Workshop - Tuesday The 30th Of August 2022

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Discover How To Profit From The Cryptocurrency Market Downturn & Why Now Is The Best Time To Cash In On Crypto!



6pm AEST (Sydney)
9am BST (London)
4am EDT (New York)


10pm AEST (Sydney)
1pm BST (London)
8am EDT (New York)

You can no longer ignore the most profitable law of economics.

We’re talking about the universal law of supply and demand.

If supply goes down while demand increases… prices have nowhere to go but up. It’s basic economics.

And if you can understand how the law of supply and demand applies to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, you can potentially make life-changing gains.

You see, we’re seeing an unprecedented demand for Cryptocurrencies meeting limited supply.

Nowhere else does wealth accumulate more rapidly due to supply and demand imbalances than in the Cryptocurrency world.

And to show you how you could profit from the explosive surge in price, caused by reduced supply and increased demand, we're running a LIVE online workshop.

Save Your Seat For This 4-Hour Intensive Cryptocurrency Workshop

If you feel you’ve missed the boat on making gains because of the recent pullback in the market, here are undeniable facts why now is the best time to cash in on crypto:


Cryptocurrencies are on sale right now, and buying during the dip can generate compelling returns.


Market crashes offer numerous opportunities, and this is why the savviest investors in the world are buying more Bitcoin right now.


Whether you decide to trade your way into the market or just buy & hold, Crypto can create monthly passive income while building a long-term portfolio at the same time (even during a bear market).


Taking advantage of short-term volatility by investing in Cryptocurrencies during a market pullback is one of the most lucrative ways to make money.


If done correctly, investors can generate very robust returns by holding or trading Bitcoin and Crypto.


History shows investors who buy during bear markets will likely see huge gains in the future.


Millionaires are made in bear markets, not bull markets. Investing in Cryptocurrencies could be the best decision you ever make.

These are the reasons why now is the OPPORTUNE time for you to strike it big with Crypto... Because the truth is - MUCH of the profit is still YET to be made!

This is why it’s important you get up-to-speed by securing your place to this Cryptocurrency Online Workshop

You will gain a deeper understanding of the Cryptocurrency world and how to benefit from what will occur in the near future.

Plus, you’ll be able to position yourself for unprecedented gains.

So don’t take this opportunity for granted.

In This Training, We Will Reveal:

  • How to make quick profits during this market pullback while building your investment portfolio at the same time
  • How to use Bitcoin’s and other coins’ volatility to your advantage and make gains daily, weekly, and monthly
  • How to know which coins to buy and which coins have potential for huge long-term profits
  • How $5,000 turned into $68 million – passively in only 12 months!
  • How to identify money-making opportunities from Cryptocurrencies every single day
  • How to profit from Cryptocurrencies (daily) regardless if Bitcoin and other coins are going up, down, or sideways in value
  • Why you don’t have to be a Cryptocurrency expert or market trader to do this – all you have to do is follow a 5-step process

PLUS: our #1 Cryptocurrency pick, along with 5 altcoins that could help you potentially capture a lifetime of wealth over the next 12 months.

This Training Is For You, If:

  • You're a complete beginner, just curious, or an experienced Cryptocurrency investor
  • You feel you’ve missed your opportunity to profit from Cryptocurrencies because of the recent pullback in the market
  • You only have limited funds to invest with and are not a risk taker
  • You want to start profiting from the Cryptocurrency market but don’t know what to do and where to start
  • You're overwhelmed with all the information around Cryptocurrencies and are still very confused about it all
  • You don’t have more than 30 minutes a day to dedicate to investing in Cryptocurrencies

Here are 5 reasons you MUST attend this training:

  • The 4-hour intensive workshop is free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain
  • The training is LIVE online so you can get the answers to all of your questions
  • There's a lot of confusion about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, and a lot of conflicting predictions. This training will give you the clarity and peace of mind you need
  • Multiple strategies will be shared to suit your risk profile and risk appetite
  • You'll gain the knowledge to potentially profit from Cryptocurrencies regardless of your investment capital. You'll be shown how to enter the Cryptocurrency game with as little as $100

Our Dear Clients

I invested $1,000 across two of Jonathan’s trades. 2 weeks later my investment turned into $1,858.

Brett - NSW, Australia

Still not 100% sure what I’m doing but following along. I sold out of GALA today for a nice $10K USD profit. Thanks!

Ryan Taylor - South Australia

I'm grateful for the latest tip as I have made a total of $4,666 from a $1,700 investment. All in 2 weeks from starting this journey.

Johnny Norton - Queensland, Australia

Thanks to Darren's advice, I invested $5,000 into a speculative coin in July 2021, and in just 1 week locked in a 112% gain, making me $10,600 profit. My portfolio today is now $42,000.

Eric - Sydney, NSW

Hi Jonathan, I bought a cryptocurrency under your instruction. I spent $166 and I'm up to $1,000 in less than 3 weeks, and that's just one trade!

Joey Young - NSW, Australia

I put a small investment into a mid-cap crypto in January this year and made $15,908 in just 2 weeks. I can't thank Darren enough for this coin pick and helping me through the process.

Pete M. - Blacktown, NSW

Tickets For The Live Workshop Are Free But Spots Are Limited.

Meet Our Speakers

Sean Allison - Host

Sean Allison has been an Options trader for over 20 years after being trained directly by 3 World Class Professional Options Floor Traders in the United States. Over 12,000 traders are subscribed to Sean’s weekly market updates and trade recommendations.

Sean makes an average of $30,000 a month from Options trading and has trained 5,000+ people worldwide to make a full-time living thanks to his proven formula. Sean’s articles have also been published on, one of the world’s most respected investing and trading news website.

Darren Jenkins - Presenter

Darren Jenkins is an entrepreneur, international speaker, and wealth creation strategist passionate about helping people from all walks of life invest in cryptocurrencies for maximum returns while minimizing risks.

He teaches a very simple “buy & hold” investing strategy for people getting started in crypto. The same strategy that saw him do a 791% gain in just 4 months, returning $118,650.

Darren's been coaching and educating wealth creation for 7 years now, and behind the scenes is responsible for some of X10 Effect's biggest success stories.

Until recently, you may have seen him speaking at live events all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, England, and Thailand.

Jonathan Jobe - Presenter

Jonathan Jobe started his career in the automotive industry.

After experiencing several personal challenges, including divorce and having to raise two severely autistic children on his own, he discovered the power of trading through his cousin.

Within 14 days he was making enough to be able to move out from living in his parents’ garage.

He now makes even larger gains, in less time by trading Cryptocurrencies. His returns vary from 50% up to 471% returns within 2 weeks.

His passion is to help people leverage the combined power of Cryptocurrencies and trading, while enjoying a full-time living from anywhere in the world.

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